Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim



This grinder is great for the aeropress or you want to experience the difference in flavour and aroma when you grind coffee fresh.

Designed for storage in a compact space
Adjustable grind
24 gram capacity
Easy to clean

Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim

This slim Hario ceramic mill has a sleek design that is super practical with so many settings to benefit from. This makes coffee grinding quick and easy for a fresh delicious beverage.

This is a slimmer, portable version of the Hario Ceramic Mill Skerton which is perfect for on the go.

Benefit from a transport-friendly grinder without losing any of the precise settings Hario grinders are famous for.


Is the Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim portable?

The 24g capacity and slim, ergonomic design makes the Hario slim easy to travel with.

It is easily held, compact, lightweight and brews 2 cups of coffee, or 1 large one.

This makes it a great coffee companion when camping, going on holiday or any other travel adventures.


What settings does this hand grinder come with?

This Hario mill ceramic slim mini comes with many different features:

  1. Handy indicators on the glass to show the perfect amount of coffee to grind for one or two cups.
  2. Adjustable settings to achieve your perfect grind size for various brewing methods.
  3. Small, lightweight and compact.
  4. Ultra precise ceramic burrs for high quality grinding.
  5. An easy to use hand crank for grinding that won’t tire you out.
  6. Easy to clean and keep hygienic.
  7. Made out of sturdy plastic to avoid dangerous breakages.


A sleek design that is practical for all brewing methods…

The sophisticated design is simple and practical. The clear and black design is easy to keep clean and will fit seamlessly into any kitchen or dining room.

Use the Hario slim for any brewing method by using the adjustable grind size settings. If you’d like to read more about what grind size is needed for a cafetiere, take a look at our cafetiere how to guide.


Can I use green coffee beans in a hand grinder?

Green beans are coffee in their raw, unroasted, natural state. So, they first have to be roasted before you can grind them.

There are many benefits to roasting and grinding your own coffee at home, the main one being to experience the ultimate freshness and full flavour of the beans.

If you’d like to read more about roasting and grinding green beans, you can find more information in our beginner’s guide to green coffee.


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