Straight Sided Stainless Steel Cafetiere Large


FREE Continental Blend Coffee worth £6 with every cafetiere purchased

This stylish and durable coffee press keeps your favourite coffee warm and ready for you enjoy.

Crafted from stainless steel in a contemporary but elegant design, it is ideal for entertaining or simply enjoying several cups over breakfast.

Stainless Steel
Easy to clean
1.5 litre capacity
Dishwasher safe
Easy pour spout

Large Grunwerg double Walled Cafetiere – Sleek design and premium quality

This stylish design is simple, sleek and will fit into any kitchen or dining room. Although quality and durability are at the fore front of this product, that does not mean it lacks in design.

It is perfect for exceptional quality coffee brewing and has built in features that will keep your drink hotter for longer.

It has been designed by Grunwerg to deliver a top-quality brew every time and will not let you down with inadequate results.


Crafted from premium stainless steel…

Grunwerg have been producing award-winning houseware and catering products at affordable prices for over 70 years.

They specialise in premium stainless steel and use it in so many of their products for many reasons.

Mid City Steels tells us that it is a unique material that resists stains and corrosion.

It is a great value for money material that offers many benefits:

  1. The thin layer of chromium oxide protects this material from damage and also makes it very easy to clean and keep hygienic. This is essential when used with food and drink.
  2. Its fire and heat resistance properties make it a safe option in the kitchen when exposed to flames and high temperatures.
  3. The strength of stainless steel is one of its most impressive features. Its unique ability to resist all types of damage and corrosion makes this an incredibly sturdy material.
  4. Its sleek and modern material is popular amongst many. Its aesthetically pleasing appearance makes it a go-to choice for lots of manufacturers.


What are the benefits of a double walled cafetiere?

Many coffee drinkers have faced the problem of their beverage becoming cold and unpalatable before they have even had chance to finish it.

Some combat this issue by keeping their coffee on a stove or on some other source of heat.

To maintain good quality coffee and a fresh taste, we don’t recommend this as it can greatly alter the flavours and make them bitter.

A double walled cafetiere is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your coffee hot will you drink at a leisurely pace.

No one should have to rush their coffee before it goes cold. Sit back, relax and savour your coffee without worrying about the temperature.


A simple and stylish design – perfect to gift to a loved one…

Use this cafetiere in a casual or formal setting as the design is simple, classic and will suit any occasion.

The simplistic spout and sturdy handle add to the modern feel of this cafetiere and also add to the practicality.

If you’d like to read more about cafetieres, including how to use one and the perfect grind size, take a look at our cafetiere how to guide.

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