Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


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Flavour Notes

Floral, Lime, Red Berry

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 29 Seconds








1770m – 2200m

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Yirgacheffe was recognised as a distinct coffee region in the 1960’s when Ethiopia’s coffee industry began to expand. The coffee is renowned for its floral and citrus flavours and the brew resembles a tea-like mouthfeel. This is due to washed processing of the coffee that creates a delicate body.

The imported green beans have a bright acidity with unique and delightful notes of lemon and jasmine. This produces an aromatic, easy-to-drink coffee which is perfect for those who enjoy black coffee all throughout the day.

Yirgacheffe is situated close to the wild coffee growing regions in the South-West – the birthplace of coffee. Wild coffee contains many variations due to the nature of the environment; however certain traits can be controlled and accentuated when grown in a plantation, including its resistance to disease. Strains of coffee varieties were taken from these wild regions and planted in the 5 main regions across Ethiopia. After being trademarked in 2004, Yirgacheffe gained global recognition and the quality of coffees exported subsequently improved. Ethiopia has a good reputation for traceability and all of our Ethiopian coffees can be sourced back to their plantations upon further information from the broker.

This is a truly unique coffee with subtle character but strong flavour. It is also one of our favourite coffees to try as a cold brew.


History of Ethiopia coffee production 

The story behind Ethiopian coffee captivates any coffee lover due to its long history and importance to the industry today. Coffee first appeared in Ethiopia in wild growing regions that still produce coffee to this day. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goat herder noticed the effects of a coffee seed that was consumed by his livestock. This seed became an energy supplement consumed by warriors until slowly evolving into the roasted bean we know of today.

Wild coffee was first traded in the 1600’s when the commercial wheels of the industry began turning. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that plantation coffee was founded, creating the flavour profiles that are now deeply embedded in coffee culture. There have been some turbulent times for Ethiopian coffee due to the country’s political history. Large scale farming was effected by changes to labour costs, so the attention swung back to wild coffee and a market for unique microlot flavours emerged in the 1980’s – one that we are still enjoying today. Ethiopian coffee is now traded through the EXC trading system, designed so that farmers receive payments sooner and guarantees sales to the international market.

As well as Yirgacheffe, the other main growing regions are:

  • Harrar – one of Ethiopia’s oldest coffee regions, producing high quality yields.
  • Sidamo – exquisite fruity coffee with a strong body. Often used as a base coffee in blends.
  • Limu – smaller region, offering unique coffee
  • Jima – smaller region, many coffees used as base coffees
Reviews & Ratings

3 reviews for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

  1. Peter Bystricky

    Do enjoy this a lot and I tried lots of other different types always coming back to this one.Recently switched from another reseler but the coffee looks more the part here as the beens looks at least similar size and the colour .So far happy happy

  2. Keith

    Love this coffee,I have tried this brand from other roasters but find this is the best flavour for me

  3. Sam

    Was slightly disappointed with this Ethiopian, Ethiopians are my go too coffees, this one is just basic in my opinion I’d like to try the other regions on here, will be back soon.

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