Costa Rica Tarrazu



Flavour Notes

Dark Chocolate, Apple, Lime

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 27 Seconds


Costa Rica






1100m – 1800m

Costa Rica Coffee Beans

Our Costa Rica Tarrazu is a medium roast coffee that produces a smooth mouth feel with a chocolate flavour.

Tarrazu makes up 1 of 6 coffee growing regions in central Costa Rica, it is the highest by elevation and produces the countries most favoured beans.

Sheltered between the Pacific coasts, the Central Valley is where most of Costa Rican coffee grows. The high peaks of the country’s central mountain range offers a fantastic terroir for arabica, the beans carry a delicate dark chocolate and apple tang. A beautiful balance of richness and acidity in one bean.

Costa Rica is known for having some of the best beans in Central America, and they are generally described as light bodied and sweet.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Plantations

The highest altitude coffee region

This region has very high altitudes, ranging up to 1,700 metres, which allows for the development of the very best beans.

Costa Rica has a high reputation for its quality, owed to the infrastructure behind the milling and processing plants. The coffee industry in Costa Rica began with a strong foundation of existing farm practise and subsequently kept up with the demands of the ever changing industry. Therefore, tasting a variety of Costa Rican coffees won’t disappoint you and offer an exciting array of flavours. You can have a look at some coffee farms in Tarrazu here.

The Costa Rica coffee harvest

The coffee harvesting period in Costa Rica is October to February, with January often producing the highest yield. The coffee plants usually give harvest after 3-5 years.

As well as solid, efficient infrastructure Costa Rica experiences a relatively dry climate during harvest months. This means that picking the ripe coffee cherries can be completed in a more controlled, and less time consuming period which is better for the plantation owners.


Costa Rica coffee history.
Costa Rica does not only have rich coffee, it has a fascinating rich history. Let us tell you a few facts about how it all started. The Arabica coffee plant was first grown in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, near the end of the 1700s. Fertile soil, high altitude, and a cool climate were all winning factors that helped make Costa Rican coffee a success. When they realised its growing success, the government wanted to encourage production. They did this by offering free land to farmers in the 19th century. Its sales soon exceeded tobacco, sugar, and cacao. We have captain William Le Lacheur Lyon to thank for the discovery of Costa Rican coffee in the UK, and sent hundreds of bags of beans over in the mid 1800s.


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