Tanzania Kilimanjaro AA


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Flavour Notes

Orange, Cocoa, Macadamia

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 28 Seconds


South West Tanzania






1500m – 1600m

Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Cultivated on the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain, Tanzania Kilimanjaro coffee is a unique bean with a surprising low acidity and orange blossom aroma. Most coffee beans from Africa have a fruity, high acidity due to low-pH volcanic soils, however Tanzanian beans are chocolatey and smooth. This is a medium roasted coffee that has delicious notes of dark chocolate and nut. Kilimanjaro is the oldest growing region in Tanzania, sharing its name with Africa’s highest mountain it is easy to see why this may be the most popular also. The long tradition of growing coffee allows for the infrastructure and development of arabica to flourish and Tanzania consistently produces Kilimanjaro coffee year after year.

Tanzanian Coffee Tasting Notes

Tanzanian coffee typically has low levels of acidity, lower than Kenyan. They also usually have a milder body. You will notice notes of dark chocolate, nut and slight hints of sweet fruit. The aroma is described to have a brown bread sweetness.

Coffee Processing in Africa

Our Tanzanian beans are processed using the natural method, also known as the dry process. This is where the cherries are harvested and laid out in the sun to ripen. They are constantly turned over to ensure even drying. This process can only be carried out in very hot countries and will not work during rainy seasons.

Reviews & Ratings

5 reviews for Tanzania Kilimanjaro AA

  1. Gerard

    thanks for the tanzania kilimanjaro whice i got at the southport show on saterday whice i enjoy very much like to by some more.

  2. Peter McKeown


    • Matt Adams

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your feedback regarding the Tanzania Kilimanjaro Coffee. This is one of our many medium coffee roasts, however there may be a number of reasons why the coffee might taste milder than expected. These can include brewing time, brew method and/or grind size. It would be great to hear a little more feedback regarding your experience with this product.

      Alternatively, there are a number of darker roasts available here: Darker roasts

      Kind regards,

  3. Carol

    I enjoy medium roast coffees with low acidity. This is a very light and delightful coffee that I can drink a litre of and not get the coffee shakes! Yum!

  4. Marie

    This is my second sampling of this coffee. I use the beans and like the depth of taste you can achieve when brewing. It is a good coffee for any time of day.

  5. Robin Rogers

    Provides the nice medium roast flavour advertised. Lovely for my large morning coffee (also suits a dash of the sugar free vanilla syrup!)

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