El Salvador Finca La Portezuelo


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Flavour Notes

Orange, Caramel, Brown Spice

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 27 Seconds


El Salvador






1300m – 1400m

El Salvador Finca La Portezuelo Coffee

Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Pecan

A delicious bourbon variety from El Salvador, this coffee is a good all rounder for anyone who likes coffee black or with milk. The sweet, caramel notes are twinned with a light acidity, resulting in a balanced cup. It is also a favoured coffee in blends due to the consistent cup quality El Salvador coffee produces. This is a favoured coffee within our roasting house, often making its way into our hopper.

Apaneca-Iltamatepec coffee region

It could be said that many of el Salvadors coffee plantations have this region to thank, as some of the first coffees exported from El Salvador were from Iltmatepec. The Santa Ana volcano is situated within this region and is responsible for the rich, fertile soil found here. Situated among the llamatepec mountain range, the farm takes spring water from the slopes of El Portezuelo, contributing to a clean cup in this washed coffee.

Another trait of this plantation is that the coffee is grown along Inga, a fruit-growing shrub that provides food to the family. This also provides valuable shade which coffee needs to grow slowly and allow flavours to develop.

El Salvador Coffee History

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, and shares a border with Guatemala and Honduras. The coffee production has fuelled the country’s economy and shaped its history for the past century. Coffee was planted in this country originally for domestic consumption in the mid-1700s, however over the next 100 years it became a stable and significant crop. It’s production increased rapidly throughout the 1800s.

El Salvador has a few different varieties of its beans, which include Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and the most favoured Pacamara. The Pacamara variety is an heirloom of El Salvador which was mutated in 1949 by Don Alberto Pacas. This variety commonly has a large bean size which creates a higher quality and more flavour.

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1 review for El Salvador Finca La Portezuelo

  1. Darren S

    The best coffee I have ever had!
    Fantastic taste every time, without any of the sour or burnt flavours. I can’t speak highly enough of the coffee and the service.
    I have ordered 6 x 1Kg bags of this over the last few months, 2 each order with a trial of another. Every time I try a different one I am really glad to get back to this.

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