Fairtrade Sumatra Cafe Femenino Kokowagayo


Flavour Notes

Cherry, Chocolate, Orange Syrup

Recommended Brewing Methods

V60: 1:17, 2:45 minutes
Aeropress 1:16, 2:40 minutes





Fairtrade Sumatra Cafe Femenino Kokowagayo

Sumatra is one of the over 14,000 islands of the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia. The island was referred to as Swarnabhumi in the past due to the presence of gold in the region meaning “land of gold.” The island was named “Sumatra” by Marco Polo during the late-fourteenth century.

Situated in the Indian Ocean it is separated from the Malay Peninsula by the Strait of Malacca and the islands of Java and Borneo by the Sunda Strait and Karimata Strait respectively. The island is situated on the Ring of Fire and thus volcanic in nature with the Great Sumatran Fault and the Sundra megathrust spanning the west coast. The western part of the island is mountainous while the eastern part is swampy plains.

Sumatran coffee is well known for its exoticism. Sumatra employs a unique processing method that sets its beans apart from many other nations, by wet hulling the coffee before drying giving the beans a deep blue / green hue. Sumatra also has unique ageing techniques for some of it’s better known “aged Peaberry” coffees by burying them underground purportedly helping to develop incredible levels of sweetness. Indonesia is one of few origins that can export almost continuously throughout the year.

The Café Femenino Sumatra Program

Finding their voices unheard at a mixed-gender cooperative, the women of the Kokowagayo cooperative separated their coff­ee from the men’s in 2014 and began the first women-only cooperative in Sumatra. These women knew they would make more community-focused decisions than the men when deciding where to allocate the Fair Trade premiums.

To further drive women-controlled funds to their families and communities, and to nurture space where women can share their ideas and wield exclusive decision-making power, the women of Kokowagayo started the Café Femenino Sumatra Program in 2015. While women in Sumatra have always carried key roles in coff­ee production, they had been excluded from economic decision-making.

By taking the bold step of creating their own women-only cooperative and joining Café Femenino, the women not only earn more money for their hard work, they also have the ability to decide where the money goes. Since starting the Café Femenino Sumatra Program, the women have used their increasing resources to, among other things, o­ffer leadership and financial training to women co­ffee farmers, set aside capital for women’s entrepreneurial efforts, and even build a community centre above their wet mill to provide a safe environment.

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