Decaffeinated Mexico


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Flavour Notes

Caramel, Vanilla

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 17g/38g 25-30 Seconds




Mountain Water Decaffeinated




1000m – 1750m

Country of Origin: Pica de Orizaba Mountain Glacier, Mexico

Process: Mountain Water Process
Roast: Medium Roast
Flavour: Smooth, Nutty
Acidity: Low

Decaffeinated Mountain Water Process

This delicious, smooth and nutty coffee straight from the glacier mountain of Pico de Orizaba one of the highest in Mexico, and third highest in North America. Grown in the south of Mexico, where most key plantations exist, these green beans are a consistent, well balanced tasting coffee even after the decaffeinated process. The coffee is known to be delicately bodied and pleasantly dry with a crisp snap.  It is also 100% organic and rainforest alliance certified.

How is Decaf Coffee Made?

There are four main methods of decaffeination used today.

  1. In-Direct Solvent Process in which the beans are soaked in boiling water for several hours. A solution of methylene chloride is then added which strips the coffee of caffeine. A re-soaking in the original solution is then needed to absorb the flavours and oils. This process provides a fast, cheap way of caffeination but includes some health risks.
  1. The Direct Solvent Process where the beans are steamed for 30 minutes to open their pores. Similar to the in-direct method, the beans are rinsed in methylene chloride and steamed once more to remove unwanted residue.
  1. The Swiss Mountain Water Process is used to process these coffee beans. A batch of beans are soaked in hot water to remove the caffeine. The solution then passes through many filters which collect large, small and oily molecules that contain flavour. The caffeine is removed through the addition of more coffee beans being added to this solution. The flavours stay within the beans whilst the caffeine is removed by osmosis.
  1. The Carbon Dioxide Process method involves CO2 added into an extraction vessel with water soaked beans, drawing out the caffeine. This is a very time consuming and expensive method.

Does Decaf Coffee Contain Caffeine?

A common misconception is that there is absolutely no caffeine in decaf, however in most there is still a tiny amount left.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that at least 97% of the caffeine needs to be removed for companies to label their products decaf. Our decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine free, so we can guarantee you will feel none of the effects of caffeine

Reviews & Ratings

5 reviews for Decaffeinated Mexico

  1. Paul

    I love coffee and enjoy trying different origins and roasts but for an excellent great daily drinking coffee with great body and taste this is my daily go to, drink it black (never pollute coffee with milk or sugar). Proves if you start with a great coffee bean, organic is a bonus, roast it really well, prepare it well (Aeropress) you get a great coffee.

  2. Nigel Tinsley

    Excellent decaf – and amazed by the service, ordered at 16.30, delivered next morning !

  3. Richard Hallett

    First time with a proper Decaf….. and I have to say, we are both very impressed. Whether the old body can cope without the caffeine hit remains to be seen.

    It’s a nice coffee, we like it.

  4. Sue Z

    Excellent coffee & most importantly no chemicals Excellent Company fast delivery & super customer service – order from them & you will not be disappointed

  5. poppasogers

    I drink both ‘normal’ coffee (bean then grind) and decaffeinated. My wife cannot take caffeine for medical reasons and we buy this decaffeinated coffee from Adams & Russell regularly. We have tried various decaffeinated coffees from a variety of roasters nationally. This Mexican Decaf is the best with only one other coming close. It is full of flavour and morish.

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