Malawi Pamwamba AA



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Origin: South Thyolo District, Malawi
Roast: Light/Medium
Elevation: 1200m
Process: Fully Washed
Flavours: Smooth acidity, highly complex hints of maple, vanilla, spice and brown sugar.

Malawi Pamwamba AA Coffee Beans

Malawi Pamwamba AA Coffee

The coffee smells wonderful on brewing with a smooth medium acidity, peaking in a sweet sharp lemony flavour that sweetens into a honeyed finish.

The fully washed process encourages these flavour characteristics.

Coming from the rolling valleys of the Southern Thyolo district, the Malawi AA + Pamwamba is grown on steep slopes on patches between the indigenous forest.


Malawi Coffee Production


Rainfall is around 725mm to 2500mm, which falls on extremely fertile dolerite clay & alluvial soils.

Having a rotational programme that uproots and re-plants each field every seven to eight years gives the plantation an advantage; a very young crop.

This will increase the immunity of the plant to diseases and keep its flavour, as well as a chance to renew the soil frequently.


Harvesting Coffee in Malawi


The red cherries are all handpicked, with the same trees being re-picked 10 – 14 times over a single harvest season ensuring a good 85% AA+ grade return.

The varieties are a mixture of Catimor species, with a small percentage of SL28 coffee.


Malawi Coffee Flavour Profile


These beans are grade AA, which means that they are larger than normal.

This is a medium/ light roast, with a medium body.

The medium acidity is perfectly balanced with the fruit flavours and honeyed sweetness.

Malawi beans are known for having fruity characteristics, including grapefruit, rhubarb, berries and other fleshy fruits.

How to Brew Malawi Coffee Beans


These unique and delightful beans have premium qualities that we want all of our customers to enjoy.

To bring out these fantastic flavours, it needs to be brewed in the correct way.

We have some great ways you can brew your coffee at Adams and Russell.

For on the go, our Aeropress can brew in 11 seconds.

Our Cafetiere’s also allow for easy high quality brewing.

If you are looking to brew in the comfort of your own home, our stove top espresso makers are a great option.




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