Zuma Organic Beetroot Powder 100g


  • Approved by The Organic Food Federation
  • Registered by The Vegan Society
  • Each 100g pouch is made from 810g of fresh beetroot
  • 100% Organic
  • Pesticide free

Rich earthy flavour with a vibrant colour. Organic Beetroot powder is made from 100% organic beetroot and is approved by The Vegan Society.

Believed to boost immunity, endurance and stamina as well as increase energy levels, beetroot’s health benefits only add to the charm of this distinctive root vegetable.

With its rich earthy flavour and vibrant colour our organic beetroot powder is the key ingredient to make beetroot lattes, red velvet hot chocolates, smoothies and even red velvet cakes.

Squeezing 24g of fresh beetroot into each concentrated 3g portion this is the convenient, hassle-free way to add beetroot to your drink’s menu.

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