SCA Barista Professional


Duration: 3 days (6 hours per day)

Price: £650 (certified)



Written and practical skills tests will be completed with a 80% pass rate required. Passing will result in 25 points towards to SCA Coffee Diploma.

Duration: 3 days (6 hours per day)

Price: £650 (certified)



This course covers the science behind the bean and milk composition and aims to break down each complexity of espresso to maximise barista potential. Baristas should be able to recognise how acids in green coffee alter taste and how to control these aspects in the roasting house. Focusing on high end presentation of a coffee menu, three latte art patterns will be taught.

Looking at modern ways of understanding extraction this is aimed at advanced baristas looking to take a step further into the coffee industry. It also considers further managerial aspects of a coffee shop such as health and safety requirements and finance.

Our coffee school courses are run in partnership with SCA authorised trainer Andreas Constantinou. His knowledge and flair helped him introduce speciality coffee to various coffee shops and restaurants throughout the North West.


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