Single Plantation fresh roast Coffee Beans

Colombian Pico de Águila


Origin: Pico de Águila, Morales, Colombia
Elevation: 1500-1850m
Roast: Medium
Chocolate, hazelnut, red berry


Pico de Águila is located in the region of Morales, a very high mountain range east of Popayan, Colombia. Home to an indigenous community, this coffee growing region is considered sacred. The local community are all part of a cooperative known as ‘Cencoic’. This comprises of 174 families that live in the area who all help to cultivate and export the coffee. Thus, the profits made from the coffee go back into the working community.

The exported coffee is of high quality and has boundless character with each plantation having a unique terroir that is present in every cup. Many of the farmers also grow sugar in this region and the coffee exhibits a similar sweetness as a result. A rich flavour of chocolate and red berries is present with a bright acidity. The SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association America) have graded this coffee a cupping score of 85.50.

Adams + Russell roast this coffee medium where its sweetness and bright flavours excel. This coffee is excellent black however South American coffees are also favourable as a latte or flat white.

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