El Salvador Finca El Rosario Pacamara


Origin: El Salvador
Elevation: 1200m
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Chocolate, honey, berries
Acidity: Medium

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Introducing…The Pacamara bean

If you wander down any high street in The U.K, more than 75% of the coffee you will find will be Arabica. This species of ‘coffea’ is the most sought after type, due to its sweetness and wide variety of flavours. With the industry ever changing, new hybrid varieties are being created by combining desirable traits from certain sub species, thus The Pacamara.

This bean is a ‘Pacas’ and ‘Maragogype’ hybrid, offering rich indulgent flavours, with the familiar large beans aspect usually associated with Maragogype coffees.

Adams + Russell roast the beans to a medium level, allowing the subtle flavours to come through best when tasted black. They are available in beans or ground and always delivered fresh!

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Beans / Ground

Beans, Ground

Coffee type

Single Plantation


El Salvador




1KG, 227g (3 for £18)