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Origin: Baru Volcano, Western Panama
Elevation: 1100m to 1250m
Varietal:  Catuai
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Nutty, Vanilla, and Chocolate
Acidity: Medium

Hacienda La Esmeralda, Special coffee from Western Panama

This Hacienda La Esmeralda, Palmyra estate coffee from Western Panama has a deep, nutty aroma, yet an acidity that cuts through the sweeter flavours offering a balanced – high grade quality bean from Central America’s capital of coffee. At Adams + Russell, after roasting we like to find out the best way to drink each of our coffees. This particular blend is subtle in a V60 with the acidity coming out more, but best as an Aeropress coffee where the heavier body coats your mouth with a sweet finish. Perfect!

Over the last few years, coffee from Panama has been dominating taste tests worldwide with unique, fine coffee crops being harvested year after year. With the ease of the canal and Panama being dubbed the ‘Hub of the America’s’ – it is no wonder why coffee from Panama can please connoisseurs from all over the world.

hacienda la esmeralda panama coffee beans and ground coffee

The Panama Farm;

This particular crop grows in the Boquete region – this is a small town whereby coffee cultivation is a labour of love. The Panamanians are truly passionate about the coffee they produce and you can see it in every cup. On the slopes of the Baru Volcano sits Hacienda la Esmeralda. As well as the Palmyra crop which is of the Catuai variety, a high grade Geisha grows here further up the slope.

It is hand picked in three or more annual pickings by native Ngobe Indigenous families. The harvest season moves through micro climates and the families traditionally follow the harvest. This coffee is great of you want a consistent cup year after year. Since the bloom in the market for Panamanian coffees a few years ago, a lot of investments from the farm owners went into lot separation protecting the crop, and the way the coffee was processed.

When the green beans arrive at Adams + Russell, they are medium roasted to allow the sweetness to come through and packed and sealed by hand – this is one of our best selling single plantation coffees – enjoy!!

Rainforest Alliance for coffee farms;

This coffee is also a certified Rainforest Alliance product, offering great unique flavours whilst remaining eco-friendly for the surrounding environment. This is key in small scale coffee farms as the crops will depend very delicately on the flora and fauna, and for sustainability year after year.



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  1. Sam

    Light yet aromatic coffee. Plenty of flavour without being heavy. Good choice.

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