Nicaragua San Pedro Pineapple Candy



Flavour Notes

Tropical fruit, caramel, sweet acidity

Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter – 1:16 3 minutes






Jinotega, La Bastille, San Pedro



Flavours of tropical fruit, caramel and sweet acidity. Bright when using an espresso machine and highly recommended to use a V60, Cafetiere or Aeropress brewing method.

On the nose the coffees first impressions are intense. A wonderful aroma of lemon and biscuit are present that develop  into a tropical flavour when brewed. A wine like consistency is picked up thanks to the fermentation which leaves a rich mouth feel and lingering taste.

Limited Availability from Small Microlot

This coffee plantation offers limited yields as it is a small micro lot plantation. Growing on sloped volcanic soil, south west of Jinotega, the farm of San Pedro is within the Nicaraguan estate of La Bastilla. Great care and attention is taken during harvest, only the ripest cherries are hand picked for their consistent, fruity characteristics. The H3 varietal of arabica bean is a hybrid of Caturra and Ethiopian Landrace Accession (ET06). The H3 was chosen and planted by the farm in 2015 due to the optimal growing elevation for the varietal, which at 1300m, produces exceptional cup quality.

Fermenting coffee with yeast.

What makes this coffee extra unique and given its “Pineapple Candy” definition is the addition of yeast added during fermentation. Fermentation is the processing that fresh coffee cherries undergo which develops the flavour. Normally coffee is either washed (fermented in water) or naturally processed where the coffee is tried with the cherry still intact (fermented in its own flesh). A new innovation of processing is taking place on this farm whereby yeast is introduced during the washed fermentation process. The addition of yeast creates unique flavours, this is only the fourth year the farm has been trialling this method so this is  a very exclusive coffee. As well as developing flavour the addition of yeast also reduces

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