Mexican Terruno EL Cuarenteno


Origin: El Cuarenteno, Sierra de San Juan, Mexico,
Roast: Medium
Elevation: 1150m
Flavour: Beautifully Sweet Caramel & Banana

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Mexican Terruno coffee beans – grown in El Cuarenteno

Mexican Terruno EL Cuarenteno

El Cuarenteno is a rural community located in the foothills of Sierra de San Juan, just west of Tepic, the state capital of Nayarit.

In a region now rich in agriculture, sugar cane, tobacco and citrus fruits, it was first settled in 1910, established by a wealthy land owner as the centre of his farm. After several years the farmer received petitions from his workers wanting to buy pieces of the land, but these were always declined.

In 1939, the Mexican government passed an agrarian reform resolution allowing the formation of areas of communal land used for agriculture, or ejido, in which members farm designated parcels and collectively maintain communal holdings. This had its roots in the calpolli system originating from the pre-Colombian Aztecs.


What coffee is grown in El Cuarenteno, Mexico?

El Cuarenteno has about 840 hectares of land for growing these types of beans:

  • Catura
  • Typica (also known as criollo)
  • Mondo novo varieties


How is Mexican coffee processed?

It is washed over two wet mills. The first is Rustico which is run by Alejandro Altamirano.

The beans here are washed, scrubbed and dried on the rooftop patios belonging to the workers.

The second, Sandia, is operated by Gregorio Orozco. The beans go through the same processes but this mill has the advantage of more space nearby, allowing for the patios to be more spread out.

The coffee is then taken to the Duende dry mill, where it is hulled, cleaned, sorted and prepared for export.

Samples are roasted and cupped with the information stored on the FincaLab QC syste. This gives us (and you) a detailed insight in to the coffee, mills, and organisations involved in the processing.


Drinking coffee in Mexico

Café de Olla is the coffee tradition of Mexico. A traditional clay pot is essential for this beverage to give it a signature Earthy flavour.

Bean Genius tells us that coffee was introduced to Mexico in the late 18th century. The people of spain gifted Mexico with plants from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and Mexico has been growing coffee ever since.

The country now usually enjoys the drink with cinnamon and panela.


One of the largest coffee producers in the world…

Production was moved to Mexico as it cost significantly less than the other coffee growing countries.

Throughout the 1980s, production spread at a rapid rate over 12 states. Soon it took over 497,456 hectares and was one of the countries main sources of income.

Since then, INMECAFE (the Mexican coffee institute) has been created to support small independent farmers and ensure the high quality of the country’s beans.

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