El Salvador El Molino Buena Vista



Flavour Notes

Chocolate, Orange, Caramel

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g:36g 26 Seconds Filter – 1:16 3 minutes


El Salvador


Natural + Washed


Santa Ana


1400 – 1600m

The El Molino regions is situated in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range, a volcano chain that runs through the West of El Salvador. This area is renown for its Cup of Excellence producing farms.

The Buena Vista microlot is named after the plot of land it grows within the Molino farm. Translating as ‘good view’ it is named this after the spectacular sights that this plantation has to offer. The beans look great too, owing a lot to the hard work completed at the farm. This coffee is a Bourbon variety, with close relative Pacas growing at Molino too. The importance of selective picking and attention to detail have very much become a hallmark of the culture and success of the farm, which is owned by Salaverria family member Jose Antonio.

After harvest the coffee is processed at the Beneficio Las Cruces mill in nearby Santa Ana. It is one of the oldest houses in the regions and historians claim that Che Guevara hid there on his journey through Latin America. However, equipment is not that old and has since been renovated and kept up to date with the ability to process washed, semi washed, honey and natural coffees across patios, raised beds and mechanical driers. Having a centralised mill means focussed staff can pay attention to quality on the farms as well as cherry coming in, process consistency and final cup profile.

This coffee has a SCA cupping score of 84.5 which is considered very good among other lots coming out of El Salvador recently. Its flavour combines moreish chocolate with orange and caramel, a truly decadent palate this works with all popular drink types. Our omni-roast profile makes for an exceptional espresso or filter coffee.

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