Colombia Dora Mendez Honey Process


Flavour Notes
Valencia Orange, Cherry, Soft Blueberry
Recommended Breing Methods
V60 1:16, 2 minutes 30 seconds, Automatic Drip Filter 1:16, 4-5 Minutes
Honey, Mixed Anaerobic Fermentation
La Plata, Huila
Colombia, Castillo

About Cedro Alto Coffee:

Cedro Alto is a collective of small-scale coffee farmers in Colombia that produce high quality speciality coffee by environmentally responsible means. Their strict environmental criteria pays farmers for their high quality coffee, then takes on the financial responsibilities of distributing the product to speciality coffee roasteries. Some of the small coffee farmers were growing incredible coffee but they didn’t have the ability to get the coffee to the roasters (Whilst getting a fair price) . This meant the coffee ‘blended in’ with other products and larger producers, losing unique profile and characteristics along the way.

Honey Process Explained:

Sometimes referred to as ‘Pulped Natural’ the beans are mechanically depulped, but the machines are set to leave a certain amount of flesh on the beans. After depulping, the beans go straight to the drying tables or patios to dry. As there is less flesh surrounding the bean, the risk of over-fermentation is lower than in the natural process (where all of the mucilage and flesh remain on the bean.) The sugars in the remaining flesh enhance the sweetness and body in the cup.
Flavour profile: Expect the sweetness of a natural coffee with the brightness of a washed.

Anaerobic Fermentation Explained:

Anaerobic Fermentation is a secondary processing method (eg. taking place after washing / natural / honey.) It’s still a relatively new and experimental processing method and is similar to the washed process where the beans are left to ferment in a sealed tank. However in this case the process is done in oxygen deprived tanks that are completely sealed. The fermentation process converts the oxygen into carbon dioxide, taking anywhere from 24 hours – 1 week.
Flavour profile: Wine-like, fruity and floral