Burundi Sogestal Mumirwa Ntamba


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Flavour Notes

Caramel, Pepper, Red fruit

Recommended Brewing Methods

V60: 1:17 – 3 minutes






Crisp apple


Ntamba, Western Burundi



Fully washed process, sun dried on raised beds, Has a good coated mouth feel.



Burundi Coffee Beans – Sweet with a hint of pepper

These East African beans are a delightful change from any sweet coffee that you’ve tried before.

Enjoy the refreshing and moreish flavours of caramel and red fruit with a unique twist of pepper.

The delicious sweet flavours make this an easy to drink coffee and the subtle spice of pepper creates an exhilarating cup that has become a firm favourite at our roastery.

Read more about this Burundi coffee production and flavour profile.

Coffee Production in Burundi

These beans are grown in the small village of Ntamba which is situated in the Bubanza district of Western Burundi, East Africa.

The coffee plants are grown at an altitude of 1400m+ to slow down the maturation process of the cherries. This develops a rich flavour profile with complex sugars for a delicious sweetness.

Local farmers gather the cherries during harvest season which is between April and June. They are taken through the beautiful mountainous surroundings to the Mumirwa Sogestal. Sogestal is an acronym for “Societe de Gestion des Stations de Lavage” which translates to “Management Society of Wash Stations”.

Local producers and farmers who are elected onto the board of The Growers Association run the Mumirwa Sogestal. Their job is to ensure only premium quality produce is exported for the best tasting coffee.

Burundi Coffee Flavour Profile – Caramel, Pepper and Red Fruit

If you enjoy a subtle sweetness that isn’t overpowering with a variety of flavours, these Burundi beans are for you.

The rare flavour combination of caramel, pepper and red fruit is finished off with a crisp apple acidity. This cuts through the complex flavours creating an easy to drink cup that is certainly moreish.

Malt biscuit can be detected in the aftertaste, which perfectly balances off the notes of sweetness.

When drinking, you will experience a good coated mouth feel which enhances the unique flavour profile. You’ll want to savour every last drop of this truly remarkable coffee.

To get the best out of these beans, here’s how we recommend you brew…


How to Brew Fresh Burundi Beans for a Delicious Cup

As we do with all our fresh coffee beans, we have tried a few different brewing methods. We experiment with brewing methods when testing a new coffee to find out how we can best enhance the flavours, acidity and body.

For the Burundi Sogestal Mumirwa Ntamba coffee, we recommend brewing in a V60 or dripper.




Reviews & Ratings

2 reviews for Burundi Sogestal Mumirwa Ntamba

  1. Richard Hallett

    First time we have used this particular Burudi but it’s another winner. Black or white we have awarded our own 9/10 award.

  2. Olga

    Outstanding!! Superb flavour, distinct nuances of red berries, pink pepper and rich velvety toffee. A brand new hugely loved favourite one! Highly recommended!

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