Our Food Digital Marketing Partnership for better service

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Adams + Russell coffee roasters have recently teamed up with Online Growth Guru to provide a great online service to you, the customer.

With this partnership in place, you can rely on a fantastic experience when buying your coffee on the internet as well as when visiting our amazing roasters.

Online Growth Guru is a specialist Food Marketing Agency in Manchester who we have asked to place their focus on SEO for food and technical functionality, so to create a fantastic user journey when buying your coffee beverages online.

Below you will find a bit more detail on how we plan to work together over the coming months and maybe even years.


Improving user journey’s and shopping experiences

At Adams+Russell, we realise that creating a fantastic shopping experience for eCommerce is a very important factor to providing you with the best service possible.

That’s why our colleagues at Online Growth Guru will consult with us on the best way to simplify the number of steps. Thereby shortening the time it takes for you get get fresh coffee delivered directly to your door.

We see this as an ongoing requirements and much of the changes we make are based on client feedback or issues with the website. If you have experienced any issues, please get in touch using our contact form.


Providing coffee info and SEO for our food and beverage products

There’s so much to coffee and the world’s origins where the beans come from.  So we want to share it with you.

That’s why we are working hard to bring new ranges of coffee every few months.

However, that comes with a challenge. Each time a new coffee is received we want to give you as much information about it as possible.

We’re using our expertise  alongside OG Guru’s knowledge of creating product content to deliver great product web pages for you the visitor. These pages will share important information about the farm, the beans and even the flavours.

With a view to help you make the best decision about which coffee is right for you (and, of course, your taste buds).

Finally, with all that in place, our SEO company in Manchester will make sure you can find our products in the search engines. That means when you’re just browsing the web for answers to questions or specific coffee products, you might see us. Just click on the link and read what we have to share with you.


Building our coffee insights blog

We don’t just want you to have information about our products. We want you to get everything you need from our website when it comes to coffee. Just look at our blog posts. Here’s a couple of examples:

Best Coffee to buy 


How to use a cafetiere & which coffee or grind is best