How to make the Ultimate Consistent Filter Coffee for your business

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How to consistent coffee

There’s a lot of variables that go into creating the perfect fresh coffee. Water temperature, weight of coffee ground, length of brewing time or size of grind to name just a few.

So it’s no wonder there are many challenges in creating a consistent coffee that’s exactly the same every time. We briefly touch on this in our post about how to use a cafetiere.

As a business, one of the most important times to be consistent is when you are providing for your customers.

Many small businesses need to entertain clients at their place of work. As part of this, you need to provide exceedingly good brews.

So in this article, we’re giving you the exact steps to making the perfect coffee and the tricks to keeping your coffee consistent.

We’re also sharing why your business should be using these methods and  to keep your customers coming back for more of what you offer.

If your business is similar to a hairdresser’s or a hotel, you may have many team members on different days making coffee for regular clients. It would be an absolute nightmare to expect them all to make a perfectly consistent coffee every time.


What’s the Secret to consistent coffee?


The first secret to consistency is quite simply TO USE FILTER COFFEE SACHETS.


Because it gives you the exact same weight every time. So all else being equal, you will be able to make the perfect brew.

But that’s only the star, follow this step-by-step guide if you want your team to get it perfect every time.

The second secret is to use a filter machine to brew up everytime.

Here’s the golden steps to dong so:

  1. Add water to the reservoir.

Be sure to use the same amount of water every time.


It’s a good idea to just put enough water in for the amount you or your customers will be drinking. You may also want to give the reservoir a clean before using it too.

For best results, use clean, filtered water as it will prevent minerals building up inside the machine as well as giving a fresher taste.


  1. Add the coffee filter paper into the upper chamber of the filter machine

Usually you will get the filter papers when you purchase your machine. But when you do need to buy more papers, then be sure to buy the right size for your machine.

You could use a reusable filter but it will need washing every time you brew up.


  1. Pour one sachet of filter coffee into the machine

A+R sachets all have a medium/fine grind size which is perfect for the time it takes for the water to filter through.


  1. Simply press the button and let the machine work its magic.

Remember to read the manual so you can find out how to operate the machine properly. It will now start filtering the water over the coffee and dripping into the glass basin below.


  1. Now just let the coffee keep warm and serve as and when it’s needed

You don’t want to leave the burner on too hot as it will continue to cook your drink. If the coffee cooks too much, then it may become bitter and undrinkable.


  1. Clean your Machine

Don’t leave old, stale grounds in your machine. Make sure you give it a good clean at the end of each brew or at least the end of each day.


Which Businesses need consistent filter coffee?

It’s often said that consistency not only sells, but it also keeps people coming back for more and more.

So if you find the perfect formula that your customers love, you need to remember it and serve it to your customers time and time again.

Here’s a couple of real-life examples of where businesses are thriving from their consistent coffee

Hairdressers need to maintain client consistency.

Some of Adams+Russell key clients are hairdressers or more specifically hair salons.


Because they believe that serving a great coffee will make the customers come back to them, every time.

Of course, the trim and service are still super important but if you can achieve that and serve up a fantastic brew, you’re already a step ahead of your competitors.

Karen Pye from k2 Hair Design in Wolverhampton says “We believe the Adams+Russell coffee we serve to our clients is a core part of the fantastic service we offer and is essential to the client journey where we are always looking to impress”

Which A+R Products are best for hair salons?

We would recommend 2 products in this scenario

  1. Directors Blend filter coffee. These sachets are blended with fig to give a beautifully smooth taste and a light aroma
  2. Central American Filter Coffee – Ground from 100% Arabica coffee beans to provide a luxury taste and a flavoursome sweetness.

These are the best because they have a taste that will suit everyone. I.e. not too strong and not too weak.



Hotels need consistent coffee

Many hotels are now buying their coffee from local, independent roasters.

That’s why the A+R filter range of products are very popular with hotels across the UK.

Big hotels provide hundreds of warm drinks every day to their guests. Particularly when offering a breakfast buffet in the morning.

As a guest house, you may want to have coffee on standby for when your guests come in unexpectedly and ask for a coffee.

So making sure their offering is the same every day is really important.

We would recommend the same sachets as the ones mentioned above because it’s important to offer a rounded taste to the variety of people being served.

So there you have it. No need to be making inconsistent coffee any more. There’s a small investment to begin with but the benefits you get from following the above steps will be amazing.


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  1. Ram

    There’s no mention of how to make different strength versions using these tips. Typically people have broad taste preferences such as Strong/Light/ Medium coffees; when adding milk to decoction.

    Hence info on how to use the above tips to achieve different strengths consistently would be of great value.

    Hence info on how to use the above coffee makers to achieve different strengths would be of great value.

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      Hey Ram,

      Thank your for your great feedback. We will certainly bear this in mind when updating the post or writing our other informative posts.

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