Cleaning your Coffee machine Daily

Clean coffee machine handles

You have the best coffee beans you can buy, 100% Arabica, freshly roasted, using a speciality small batch producer. Do your coffee and your business justice don’t forget to clean your machine.

Coffee oil is potent stuff and as it builds up around the contact areas of the grinder and espresso machine, the flow of espresso will slowly take on its bitter harsh flavour

Longevity of Equipment
An espresso machine is a significant investment. Look after it and it will pay you back 10 fold. Failure to clean your espresso machine will ultimately lead to higher maintenance bills.

Your machine and the area it sits in the shop window of your outlet. Customers will often look before they purchase. Have a routine after every coffee, after every service, after every day.

Process & Continuity
Ensure that you and your team are all taking responsibility to ensure every cup of coffee tastes as great as the last. If you all clean down using the same process, producing a great drink will become easy.

How to clean your machine on a daily basis:

1. Using a Group Head Brush clean out any coffee debris
2. Soak the group handles and scrub the baskets clean
3. Insert a Blank Basket into the group handle and add Cafiza Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaner
4. Pour some PULY Milk Cappuccino Cleaner into a clean jug, dilute and soak the steam wands
5. Remove the tip from the steam wand, clean out and replace
6. Wipe down the machine and restock

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