Coffee of the Month Club Learn More While You Drink

From bean roasted to coffee cup

If you’re looking to try a new fresh coffee flavour every month, then this is the club for you.

Many of the beans we roast have unique stories behind them and we really want to get these out to everyone in the UK.

Or even the world.

Learn while you drink with Adams + Russell’s Coffee of the Month

Below shows the coffee’s we’ve been showcasing over the past few months.

Coffee of the Month: July-Aug 2017 -Brazilian Fazenda Sertao

Brazil Fazenda Coffee of Month

Fazenda Sertão is located in Brazil’s agriculture capital state of Minas Gerais. Situated over 1000m above sea level, the coffee grows on 50% slopes naturally carved into the landscape. As well as being visually striking, this sloped farm helps to combat against frost in the winter months and improves the general health of the crops. The cherries also ripen more evenly when grown on sloped hillsides, which allows for better harvesting and a tastier cup of coffee.

After previous generations focused on producing high yields, the recent decade has seen a shift in production and the higher quality, Yellow Bourbon variety now thrives here. The awareness and attention to detail has been drastically improved thanks to the Pereira family who treat the coffee with respect.

A Peaberry Brazilian Coffee Bean

The coffee itself is a ‘Peaberry’, where only one coffee seed forms inside the cherry – offering more flavour and allowing for a more even roast. The beans are naturally processed with sweet characteristics of toffee and a lemon-tart acidity present.

Adams + Russell roast this coffee to a medium level and is available in beans or ground. Try in a V60 or Aeropress where the subtle fruity notes can be picked out.

This is an exceptional, single plantation bean that illustrates the passion Brazilian’s farmers put in to their produce.

Coffee of the Month: April-May 2017 –Uganda Mount Elgon Kapchorwa AA

Uganda-Coffee of the Month1

Exceptional Cup of Black Coffee 

We are excited to share this Coffee of the Month with you. The shade grown Uganda Mount Elgon Kapchorwa AA offers red wine, pear and floral notes and particularly shows off it’s best side when drank black.

Why You will Love it:

Like all our coffees, these beans are roasted over an open flame in traditional drum roasters. The rich, natural flavour of the beans is locked in during roasting. To complement the characteristics of this coffee, we give the beans a medium roast.

Coffee of the Month: March-April 2017 – Colombian Pico de Aquila

Coffee of the Month

Do you take your coffee Black, Milky or Sacred? 

If you order only one bag of coffee this month, make sure it is our Colombian Pico de Aguila. These beans (or ground, if you’d like) are cultivated by a small community in a high mountain range east of Popayan. According to the indigenous habitants, this coffee growing region issacred. Please note, Adams + Russell are not charging extra for coffee that may or may not be sacred 🙂

Why You will Love Colombian Pico coffee:

As farmers also grow sugar in the region the coffee beans are said to take on a similar sweetness. We have chosen to roast these beans ‘Medium‘ to allow the sweetness and bright flavours to really excel. The coffee is excellent black but also works great as a latte of flat whitelike most single plantation, South American beans.

Coffee of the Month: Feb-March 2017 – Honduras El Bambu Copan


Exclusive Crop – Limited Availability 

Through a ground-breaking direct trade scheme, our team is proud to offer you Honduras El Bambu Copan, a 100% organic Single Plantation coffee from Central America. With a limited availability of only 5 coffee bags per year, this Fairtrade coffee is the result of a direct trade relationship, helping small scale micro lot farmers to get their coffee into the heart of the industry.

Exceptional Cupping Scores:

This roast is excellent as a cafetiere coffee, allowing all of the taste to shine through. The beans are roasted over an open flame for a medium roast that gently brings out flavour notes of ripe red fruit, subtle chocolate and a brown sugar aroma. With excellent cupping scores of 85.5%, these beans are a must try for anyone appreciating speciality coffee.

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