A beginners guide to buying green beans – everything you need to know

Beginners guide to buying green coffee beans

beginners guide to green coffee beans

In this article you will find the ultimate beginners guide to green beans.

Find out the different flavour profiles you can choose from, what you’ll receive with your order, the best home grinders and much more fascinating information about green beans.

Should I try green beans? Are they worth the extra effort?

If you are a coffee novice, these may be the questions running through your mind (of course the answer to both is yes).

Green beans are simply coffee in its unroasted, natural state. This is why some call them raw beans.

But, how do they turn into a cup of coffee?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know before purchasing green beans.


Flavour profiles – which green beans will I like?

Green coffee beans are all about customising your own flavours, so we wanted to give customers a lot of choice.

We have included all our single origins in this range of coffee, which gives 22 different options.

This long list may be a little overwhelming for some, so we’re going to break these single origins down and group them into flavour profiles, so you can easily decide which is best for you.

Although, flavour profile is not everything. Keep reading to find out what other factors will greatly affect the taste of your coffee.


I want a rich, chocolatey flavour…

Deep chocolatey flavours are usually best with a medium to full roast. This it to pair with the rich, dark notes and bring out the full flavour of the bean.

Indian tiger stripes single origin coffee

Indian Tiger Stripes Deep nuttiness full of body & chocolate

Enjoy the deep nuttiness and chocolatey flavour of our Indian Tiger Stripes blend. Experience a strong, intense and smooth taste paired with an initial hit of pleasant acidity.


Java single origin coffee

Java Rich, Earthy, Chocolate, Tobacco, Spices

One of our most popular choices for those who want a powerful, deep and rich tasting coffee. The Earthy notes paired with chocolate, spices and tobacco give this blend a truly unique flavour.

Here’s what our customers thought of Java:

“Wow! Even opening the pack is quite an experience, the smell is fabulous. If you’re a lover of powerful dark roast coffees this is the one for you. For my own tastes this works well as the basis of a big milk drink such as a latte, but is too dominant in a flat white, or cortado. I purchased beans, for use with a grinder and espresso machine.”

“Exactly as described deep earth notes, low acidity. Very satisfied, definitely will get more.”


Something sweet and fruity…

A medium roast is perfect for fruity flavours. This is to enhance the bold fruitiness without roasting too much and turning the sweetness bitter.


colombia la manuela supremo coffee

Colombia La Manuela Supremo Sweet, Caramel, with Fruit Aroma

This is a delightful coffee with sweet flavours of caramel and fruit. The moderate acidity pairs perfectly with these flavours to produce an easy to drink coffee. Colombia is known for its sweet flavours in beans and La Manuela Supremo is no exception.

“Lovely coffee. Incredibly smooth with just enough sweetness. Highly recommended.”

“Smooth taste. Excellent daytime coffee.”


Rwanda Inzovu single origin coffee

Rwanda Inzovu Orange, lemon bright acidity, vanilla

This fresh tasting coffee is bursting of orange and vanilla flavour. This deliciously sweet coffee has a lemon bright acidity which gives it a clean, refreshing taste.

“I absolutely love this coffee! It has a wonderful balance with a ever so slight after note of citrus and acidic notes. It’s so easily drunk and so smooth that it can be drunk day and night. Would recommend using an inverted aeropress method to get full taste.”


Zesty citrus and berries…

For citrus and berries we would recommend a light to medium roast. If you’d like a lighter, more subtle zesty flavour, opt for a lighter roast. If you want a stronger taste that is more bold, opt for a medium roast.


Ethiopia sidamo single origin coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo A bright taste with a delicate lemon zest and blueberry fruit

Experience flavours of delicate lemon zest and juicy blueberry fruit. This is a unique tasting coffee that is full of delicious flavours which make it hard to resist. The floral aroma will fill your kitchen and prepare your taste buds for the bold taste.

“Simply the best coffee (in my opinion) on this website. I’ve tried over 15 of A&R coffees and I come back to this one every time.

It’s amazing, if you like your coffee strong, flavoursome and really fruity, this is the best.

I brew mine in an aeropress (inverted) and enjoy it black to enjoy the flavour but also good as a cappuccino or latte too.”


Kenya Peaberry single origin coffee

Kenya Peaberry Berry, Citrus, flavour with a buttery, caramel aroma

Considered a ‘superior’ bean, the Kenyan peaberry grows alone inside the cherry rather than part of a pair. This concentrates all the wonderful flavours into a single bean and produces coffee full of high quality flavours.

Enjoy fruity notes of berry and citrus with a buttery, caramel aroma.


Unique nutty flavours…

For delicious nutty flavours we would recommend a medium to full roast. You may not experience the distinctive nutty taste with a light roast, so starting with a medium roast and then experimenting with slightly fuller roasts is a great way to find the best flavour.


Vietnam G1 Arabica single origin coffee

Vietnam G1 Arabica Wild, nutty, hints of spice

This Vietnamese coffee is like no other. The wild, Earthy flavours of nut and spices create a cup that is delightfully pleasant and easy to drink. The medium body and mild acidity pairs perfectly with the notes of spice.

“A sneaky consumption of delight!

I was a little apprehensive of this coffee due to the dark brew and initial taste, however the longer this sits on your pallet the better it tastes. It has a lovely after taste of chocolate / nutty aromas and isn’t quite as bold as initially thought. It just holds with its affirmation and is very much enjoyable and delightful on the tongue.”


Colombian Fairtrade coffee

Fairtrade Colombian Caramel and toasted nuts, smooth finish

If you are looking for a truly nutty coffee, these are the perfect beans for you. Toasted nuts combined with sweet caramel create a smooth coffee that is delicious and moreish. This has been an extremely popular choice across many customers and coffee shops not only because of the incredible flavour, but also because of the Fairtrade harvesting.

“Absolutely Loved this….a whole KG of it.”


What will I get when my green beans arrive?

When you receive your order of green coffee, you will receive a bag of coffee beans.

There is no ground option as the beans need to be roasted first and then ground.

If you have done some research, you may have found green coffee extract. This is a green powder that is usually in the form of a capsule which is meant to be consumed for medical reasons.

So, what do I do with the beans when they arrive?

There are a few things you need before you have created your perfect cup of coffee. Keep reading to find the next steps.


Can I grind green beans at home? What are the best products?

The first step is choosing the best grinder.

Why is a good grinder important?

The way your coffee is grinded is one of the most important factors when it comes to freshness and flavour.

The science of coffee can get complicated and confusing to say the least, so let’s not get into the thousands of different volatile compounds that a single bean contains.

All you need to know is that a process called oxidisation causes organic molecules to slowly break down, which in simple terms reduces the flavour.

Oxidisation has a greater effect on lots of small food particles rather than one big one, as there is a larger surface area.

This means that ground coffee will lose its flavour faster than beans, which is why investing in a good grinder is so important for the freshest coffee possible.

Hario Ceramic Mill Skerton

The Hario hand grinder is one of the best options for those who don’t want to invest in an expensive electric grinder. Other than its stylish and sleek design, it has many benefits:

  1. Non-slip rubber base for maximum safety.
  2. Easy to disassemble.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Large storage capacity.
  5. Ceramic burr blades for ultimate precision.
  6. Sleek, ergonomic design.


Wilfa SVART Coffee Grinder

If its an electric grinder you’re looking for, the Wilfa SVART is one of the best home grinders on the market. It has tons of features which makes grinding a breeze:

  1. Has settings for steep, cafetiere, filter, aeropress and moka pot which will produce the perfect grind size for each brewing method.
  2. Easy to disassemble which allows for easy cleaning.
  3. The speed is fantastic for a home grinder.
  4. It is sleek, stylish and has a robust design that is made from high quality materials.
  5. The built-in timer allows for perfect grinding every time.
  6. Uses canonical burrs which won’t overheat the coffee.


So, should I buy a manual grinder or an electric grinder?

It really depends on four things…

Budget – if you don’t want to spend a lot on your brewing kit, your best option will be a manual one.

Time – if you don’t want to spend much time and effort making your coffee, then electric is for you. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra work, try a manual.

Size – If you don’t have much room in your kitchen and need something small, you may want to avoid electric as they are usually bigger.

Precision – There is a lot more precision and control over settings with electric, so this is the best option for you if you want the best tasting coffee possible.

If you’d like more information on grinders and the best grind size to use in a cafetiere, take a look at our guide to grinding for a cafetiere.

Once I’ve grinded, how do I roast green coffee?

Roasting coffee at home is a lot easier than you might think. Here are the 6 ways you can do it:

  1. Stove top popcorn maker
  2. Oven
  3. Frying pan
  4. Wok
  5. Iron skillet
  6. Roasting machine

There are so many benefits to roasting your green beans at home. Your coffee will be much fresher, there is less waste, they can be stored for longer and it is a fantastic experience which every coffee drinker should try. Here’s a customer video of their experience with roasting:

To find out even more benefits of roasting, the precautions you should take and the steps to roasting at home, you can read our easy ways to roast green beans at home post.


Why should I try raw green coffee?

So, you’ve got the recommendations, you’ve got the full green bean knowledge, but you’re still asking yourself:

‘Why should I try green coffee beans?’

Here are the top reasons you need to try green coffee:

  1. Totally customise the beans and form your own flavours. Find your perfect roast and enjoy your own unique creation.
  2. Save money for two reasons. Firstly, green beans are slightly less expensive than pre-roasted. Secondly, buy in bulk and only roast the small amounts you need. Keep the rest stored away without worrying about loss of flavour.
  3. Roasting at home is healthier as coffee slowly loses its antioxidant content a week after it has been roasted, so the fresher the better.

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