Question & Answer: Coffee History? How much coffee is Healthy?

Coffee History

where did coffee originate

When was coffee first brought to Europe?

Coffee was first brought over to the European continent during the 17th century. However, some condemned it.

If you’d like to read more on the history of coffee and 10 major events that made it the commodity it is today, you can read Coffee History: 10 Most Important Events You Should Know.

When was coffee created/invented?

Wikipedia references the story of Kaldi, the 9th-century Ethiopian goat herd who discovered coffee when he noticed how excited his goats became after eating the beans from a coffee plant. This did not appear in writing until 1671 and is probably apocryphal.

When did coffee originate?

During the 15th century in Ethiopia is where coffee is said to be first identified as a drink.


When is international coffee day?

International coffee day is on 1st October every year. This means the day of the week will fluctuate each year too.

Where can I buy Fresh roasted coffee beans?

Right here on Adams+Russell’s website. You can also take a visit to our roasters to try some of our very best coffee straight from roasting house.

Can coffee beans be delivered fresh?

Yes, coffee beans can be delivered and still arrive to you at their freshest. This is because of the resting time that’s required once the beans have come out of the roasting machines.

This is also true for ground coffee, because prior to delivery, they are sealed in an airtight container.

How long does coffee stay fresh?

It not a well-known fact, but coffee beans must be rested for a few days once they have been roasted. This allows the gases to be released.

When coffee beans are kept in an airtight container in a dark, dry place such as your pantry, they will usually last for approx. 6 months.


How long does ground coffee stay fresh?

Some people say that once you grind your coffee beans, you need to use them within just a few hours, otherwise they go stale. But this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to drink ground coffee so long as your taste buds comply.

If your beans have been ground, they certainly won’t last as long whole beans. Though they should still be drinkable for approximately 3-5 months.


How do you keep coffee fresh?

Ground coffee goes stale quicker than whole coffee beans. To keep coffee fresher for longer, it needs to be stored in an airtight container.

Another way that is claimed to keep coffee fresh for longer is by placing it in the freezer. However this isn’t generally recommended with ground coffee granules. Some websites claim that freezing coffee beans can preserve them for up to 2 years.


coffee health questions

Can you drink coffee when you’re pregnant?

Yes you can but try not to drink too much. This is due to the caffeine levels as suggested by gynaecologists

Is coffee bad for you when you’re pregnant?

According to, extensive caffeine consumption has been associated with a higher incidence of miscarriage. However, caffeine in moderation is should not harm your baby.


Can you have decaf coffee when pregnant?

Decaffeinated coffee is better when you’re pregnant because it’s the caffeine levels, which are suggested to cause more harm.

Can you drink coffee when breastfeeding?

Yes. Most research suggests less than one per cent ends up in your breast milk.

Can you drink coffee when sick with a cold?

Coffee may not be the best option when you’re sick because it’s important to stay hydrated, usually with water. Coffee and in particular caffeine is suggested to reduce your hydration.


Is coffee good when dieting?

Yes coffee is extremely low in calories and therefore won’t stop you losing weight if you are on a good diet. Black coffee is the best when dieting.


Is coffee healthy?

It’s most certainly not unhealthy but should be consumed with a staple diet. Many scientists are finding health benefits associated with coffee, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease,


how much coffee is too much


What happens when you drink too much coffee?

It really depends on your personality. Some people claim to be immune to the effects of coffee and caffeine. However some claim they can be left to feel anxious. Drinking too much coffee late at night can also affect your ability to sleep.


What do I do when I drink too much coffee?

The symptoms from drinking too much coffee are sometimes known as ‘caffeine jitters’. The best way to get over the jitters is through exercise. Otherwise, it is simply a case of waiting until the caffeine has worn off.

There have been many claims about what is best to do when too much caffeine affects you. These include eating bananas or drinking water. Both have been unproven.


When is the best time to drink coffee?

Coffee can be drank any time of day. The best time to drink coffee is the morning because you are more likely to be partaking in more active tasks.

What happens when you give up coffee?

How much caffeine is in your coffee will determine on the effects of giving it up. You may suffer a caffeine withdrawal headache if you are drinking coffee with high consumption levels. However, most of the time you can stop drinking coffee without any effects.


When should you stop drinking coffee?

Never. Of course we would say that because we love our coffee and think it is a great social drink.

So keep on drinking but make sure you always drink fresh coffee.

On a serious note, if you feel like you’re losing sleep from drinking coffee late in the day, then maybe just stick to a couple of cups per day, and be sure to have them in the morning


How much coffee is too much per day?

Healthline state that it’s more about the caffeine consumption that coffee itself. Therefore, if you base a small cup of coffee containing 100mg of caffeine, then 400mg is a safe amount for an adult.

How many coffee grounds do I use per cup of coffee?

In general, we recommend about 17g of coffee per cup. However, if you want it stronger, the only way is to put more coffee in it.

Note: Brewing coffee for longer does not make it stronger – only more bitter.


How much coffee for 5 cups?

If you’re brewing for a few people, you will probably want to stick to a moderate amount of coffee per cup, therefore, we suggest sticking to 17g per cup.

For 5 cups, that is 85g of coffee.


How much coffee for 30 cups?

Going by the general rule of thumb. For 10 cups of coffee you need 170g if coffee


How much coffee for 30 cups?

Again, going by the general rule of thumb 17g per cup, for 30 cups of coffee you need 510g if coffee.



How much coffee to put in a percolator?

Percolators are made in a way that you can put a maximum amount of coffee in it depending on its size. Therefore, if you are making the amount of cups that matches the size of it e.g. a 3-cup percolator, then fill up the coffee section to the top.

how much is a pound of coffee in kg?

One pound (or 1 lb.) of coffee in weight is exactly 0.453592 KG.

This is usually shortened to 454 grams.

Coffee traded in the US often quoted by the pound

How many cups of coffee in one pound?

The recommended weight of coffee for one cup is 17 grams. Therefore 454 / 17 = 26.7 cups.

You’re best bet is to round that down to 26 cups if you want your coffee to be the right strength. On the other hand, the weaker you want your coffee to be, the more cups you can make from your one pound of coffee.

Why does coffee come in 227g bags in the UK?

The main reason is because coffee used to be traded in pounds (lb). It was often sold in half a pound bags and half a pound is equal to 227g.

Most companies in the UK no longer use pounds to sell to consumers. Apart from some old fruit and veg shops.

But they have maintained the weight of their coffee bags, which means they still weigh half a pound or 227 grams.


How do I make coffee in a cafetiere?

On most cafetieres, the mesh filter is attached to the lid.

So here’s what you need to do.

  1. Boil the water
  2. Decide how many cups you want to make and multiply that by 17g to get the total amount of coffee
  3. Add the total amount of coffee required to make the desired number of cups into the cafetiere
  4. Stir and wait 3-4 minutes for the cafetiere to brew.
  5. Put the lid on and push the plunger down slowly
  6. Pour the coffee into your cups

Read here for more tips on how to use a cafetiere


How do I get coffee stains off clothes?

There are a number of proposed ways to removing coffee stains from clothes.

The best time to remove the stain is immediately after the spillage.

One way is to run it under cold water for a long period of time. A good way is to spray the stain with vanish and give it a wipe down with cold water. Let the vanish get to work before putting it in the dishwasher.

How to make cheap coffee taste better?

You can’t. You should buy good quality coffee from Adams + Russell Coffee Roasters

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