18 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

christmas gifts for coffee lovers uk

18 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers UK

In this guide we’re giving you 18 of the best gifts for coffee lovers in the UK.

If your friend, family or loved one has a passion for the nations favourite caffeinated drink, you may be looking for Christmas ideas around this topic.

If you’re stuck for inspiration or need something truly unique, then this is the guide for you.

From simple practical presents to spectacular gifts that will get an ‘Ooooo’ around the dining table, we’ve got it all covered in this article.

For easy navigation, we’ve split it into these four sections. Simply click on a topic to skip to that section:

  1. Gifts for premium brewing.
  2. Gifts to improve their coffee drinking.
  3. Gifts for coffee storage.
  4. Gifts that are fun and unique.


Gifts for premium brewing

Does the coffee lover in your life stick to the same brewing method every time?

Perfect – you’ve got a great gift idea then!

Help them switch things up and seriously improve their brewing game with these convenient devices…


V60 Drip Bundle Gift Set

A Hario V60 coffee dripper, a long-spouted steel pour over kettle, filter papers, milk thermometer and free bag of coffee are all included in this gift set.

It’s everything you need to brew a superb cup of hot joe!

This drip brew method allows for slower extraction, which pulls out the complex flavours to create a rich and bold cup. This really is a must try for any coffee connoisseur.

Once you’ve seen the delight on their face when they unwrap this present, direct them to this simple tutorial…

Stove Top Coffee Maker Gift Set

Do you know someone who enjoys a strong, dark and powerful cup of coffee?

If so, this is the perfect brewing device that you need to introduce into their life.

A stainless steel stove top espresso maker, milk frother, 1L bottle of syrup and a free bag of coffee are all included in this set.

If the coffee drinker in your life loves to indulge over a fresh, rich brew, then they won’t stop thanking you for this impressive gift set.

La Cafetiere Origins Pisa Copper Cafetiere

Now, this is the brewing device for those who care about coffee as much as they do about interior design and style.

La Cafetiere nails it with this chic French design and exquisite copper finish.

For quick, convenient and high-quality brewing, this is your go-to. Can it get any better? Yes, it can…

Also receive a free bag of fresh coffee with this stylish cafetière! The perfect pairing to gift your friends or family.

La Cafetiere Copper Origins Cafetiere


Aeropress Coffee Maker + Free Coffee

What will you get with the Aeropress?

A fresh, clean tasting, smooth cup with plenty of rich flavour. Oh, and you’ll also get a free bag of coffee and 350 paper filters to keep your gift receiver going for a good while.

This is perfect for your friend who is always on the go or someone who loves outdoor adventures. It’s light weight, portable and a fast way of brewing fresh grounds.

It’s really as easy as these 4 steps…


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La Cafetiere Origins Copper Grinder

Five letters… F R E S H.

That’s what you’re going to get with this manual copper grinder.

Gift this to a loved one and they will instantly notice a difference in the flavour and freshness of their up. Why is home ground better? Here’s why…

As soon as beans are ground, they slowly begin the process of oxidisation. This means that they begin to lose the oils, aromas and flavour molecules.

The sooner you use the grounds after grinding, the better. That’s why whoever you decide to gift this to will notice such a big difference in the quality of their brew.

La Cafetiere Origins Grinder


Vango Compact Gas Stove

This small, durable and practical stove is your compact companion for any outdoor adventure.

Gift this to the hiker, camper or traveller in your life who is looking for high quality and convenience.

Described as ‘a powerful stove with low bulk and no fuss’, it is the ideal practical gift that your loved one will appreciate. It also comes in a handy storage box to keep it safe and clean.

Simply stick a stove top espresso maker or kettle on this to brew fresh coffee wherever you are in the world.

If you really want to know what you’re gift receiver will think of this gas stove, take a look at this honest review…

Gifts to improve their coffee drinking

You’re thinking of buying a gift for them, so of course you care about the quality of their drinking experience.

From improving the flavour of their cup to some unique drinking mugs, here are our top picks…


Christmas Blend Coffee

We’ve got to start with the basics, a high-quality bag of fresh coffee.

This Christmas Blend is a customer favourite year after year, and we often get requests for early release!

100% Arabica with 50% from Java and 50% from Ethiopia. The low acidity, full bodied rich flavour, notes of dark chocolate and floral finish make this a blend not to be missed.

As soon as they unwrap this present and smell the bag, they will be delighted with this delicious gift.

All you have to do is choose the size of the bag and whether they would prefer beans or ground.

Christmas Blend Coffee


Coffee Mug Matching Guide

Does your loved one sigh every time you present them with a slightly too weak or slightly too strong brew?

You’re in luck with this fantastic present…

The ‘how you like it’ mug presents a funny and convenient colour matching guide on the inside of the mug. Simply tell the coffee drinker in your life to indicate their preference so you can brew a perfect cup every time!

This ceramic mug from The Gift Experience has got 5 stars and is an ideal stocking filler.

Coffee Mug Matching Guide


Personalised Travel Mug

Does anything say ‘Merry Christmas’ like a personalised present does?

This double jacketed travel mug can be customised by name and drink, and is the perfect way to add a special touch to your present this year.

If your loved one enjoys their caffeine fix on the go, this practical and comical mug is the ideal gift.

Love Unique Personal have also made this product dishwasher and microwave safe for extra convenience.

personalised travel mug


Campervan Enamel Tin Mug & Socks Set

This special campervan mug and sock set is perfect for campervan fans or those who love the outdoors.

The vintage style tin mug is the practical and stylish drinking companion your outdoor loving friend needs for their adventures. It features a lovely campervan design and will withstand wear and tear without smashing like a ceramic mug would.

The cosy socks feature a similar design with the iconic ‘Volkswagen’ written across the bottom.

This is a lovely Christmas set from Campervan Gift for those who enjoy a brew on their travels.

Camper Van Mug and sock gift set


Personalised Natural Wood Coaster

If you want to really impress this Christmas, the personalised natural wood coaster is the simple way to do it.

The 10mm wood slice is laser engraved on the Isle of Wight by laser experts. Add both of your initials and a special date to create a unique gift that will look great on your coffee table.

This Oh So Cherished present is made in England with natural wood, and a gift bag option is also available.


Gifts for coffee storage

Are you looking for a gift for the coffee drinker who seems to have every brewing device and gadget under the sun?

A high-quality storage jar is something they might have overlooked…


Ceramic Storage Jar with Scoop

Designed by Rupert Blamire, this ceramic jar has been handmade by the expert himself and his team in Bristol.

This piece is truly unique as it is handmade on a traditional potters wheel, so Iapetus state that each one may differ slightly but is equally as beautiful.

It is durable, tactile, microwave and dishwasher safe and comes packed in a Rupert Blamire presentation box.

The wooden scoop that is included is the perfect way to scoop out coffee beans or grounds.

Anyone that has an eye for design will greatly appreciate this elegant handmade present.

Ceramic Storage Jar with Scoop


Marble Storage Jar

If you’re looking for a more modern feel, this marble design could be the perfect present for your loved one.

Porcelain, stainless steel, air tight lock and a 400ml capacity make up this chic storage jar.

This will keep beans and grounds delicious and fresh, and whoever you decide to gift this to will be proud to present it on their kitchen work top.

Cult Furniture have this product available in other sizes on the website.

Marble Coffee Storage Jar


Gifts that are fun and unique

Are you sick of your loved one opening their present with a lack of surprise on their face?

Do you want to find something truly unique that will get the excited reaction you are looking for?

These fun, unique and quirky gifts are what you need to turn to…


Pyramid Chocolate Coffee Advent Calendar

Why enjoy coffee and chocolate separately when they make such a heavenly flavour experience combined?

This fun pyramid advent calendar contains 24 handmade treats, including chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate snowflakes, chocolate reindeers, chocolate coffee pots and more.

This bespoke advent calendar from Choc on Choc is a simple way to surprise the coffee lover in your life, and it is sure to put a smile on their face on the 1st December!

Pyramid Chocolate Coffee Advent Calendar


Coffee Body Scrub

Have you ever loved the aroma of your cup so much that you just wanted to rub it all over your body?


Well with this irresistible coffee scrub, you might reconsider.

Wearth London brings this handmade gift from The Salt Parlour, who believe in the magical wonders that the sea can do for your skin.

This hand-crafted scrub is made in the UK with freshly ground fair trade coffee, dead sea salt, organic sulfur and coconut oil.

The caffeine content helps stimulate blood flow, as well as helping to reduce cellulite, troubling skin conditions and stretch marks.

This is a lovely gift for friends or family who love to indulge and pamper themselves.

coffee body scrub


Espresso Martini Candle

If you’re an espresso appreciator, you know that the aroma of a freshly brewed cup is something dreams are made of.

What if we told you that you could inhale the wonderful espresso aroma, with none of the brewing effort?

Meet the Aperitif Espresso Martini Candle on Quirky Coo.

With luxury soya wax for a long-lasting clean burn (40+ hours) and the finest fragrances from around the world, this is a premium candle that any coffee lover would want under the Christmas tree.

Espresso Martini Candle


Grow Your Own Coffee Plant

Does anyone else get a little too excited at the thought of growing your own coffee plant?

Pass on this excitement to a loved one by gifting this unique present at Christmas.

Grow your own arabica plant in this biodegradable cup that will naturally decompose and turn into fertiliser.

With 7 reviewers giving it 5 stars on Firebox, it’s a wonderful idea that is sure to surprise your loved one this year.

grow your own coffee plant


Coffee Lover Tote Bag

If your loved one has an obsession with coffee, this tote bag is the perfect way for them to declare their love for the caffeinated drink.

It’s the ideal stocking filler to have a joke and provide something practical that they can use every day (perhaps to transport their secret stash of fresh grounds in).

This tote bag is made from strong canvas fabric and would make a lovely gift for Christmas this year.

canvas coffee tote bag


Celebrating Christmas with Adams + Russell…

At the most exciting time of the year we love to share our knowledge and tips with our blog readers.

We hope you found this gift guide helpful and found something for the espresso lover in your life.

If you’d like any more gift tips or general coffee questions, please leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to browse our full Christmas range here.

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