Best Way to Make Espresso

Best Way to Make Flavoursome Espresso

‘Espresso’ is the common Italian name for a short dose of coffee brewed at pressure. The method consists of forcing pressure of near boiling water through coffee grounds to create a delicately strong shot of coffee.

Until recently, espresso has only typically been served on the high street but the improvements in home coffee machines and other brew methods have made espresso at home even simpler – and more cost effective.

A domestic espresso machine that has a group handle is a great way to brew espresso at home.

Ways to make Espresso at Home

Of course, the first thing to explore is the equipment needed to brew an espresso. 

Any equipment that creates pressure can be used to make an espresso, however their results will differ slightly. Here are some of the best ways espresso can be brewed at home.

Here is a list of the best ways to brew espresso At home

Espresso machine

A domestic espresso machine that has a group handle is a great way to brew espresso at home.

With an array of affordable machines available and plenty of resources online to support budding home baristas, it is a great way to start drinking fresh, roasted coffee.

Stove-Top Espresso Maker

A stove top is essentially pressure cooker for coffee that draws hot water up through a bed of coffee. Stove tops have been on the market for more than 70 years and are an affordable way of making espresso.

You can control the length of your espresso by adding more or less water – using a stove top requires some level of skill in order to not burn the espresso.

Click here to view the Adams + Russell brew guide for stove tops.


Not legitimately an espresso maker however the Aeropress does extract coffee under pressure. Using the force of your own muscles, the suction cap compresses the air above the coffee and develops good extraction.

This affordable, no mess option is the most versatile and can be used at home, work or outdoors. For more information about making coffee with an Aeropress, view our brew guide here.

Always use fresh coffee, dial in your espresso for the best taste + keep things consistent

Tips on making espresso at home

  1. Always use fresh coffee, one of the most noticeable aspects of an espresso is the crema. This thick, layer of foam on top of the espresso is a sign of how fresh the coffee is and will not be achieved if the beans are stale. Crema contains a lot of flavour and is important for the taste and appearance of an espresso
  1. Dial in your espresso for the best taste – this can only be done using an espresso machine. It is the art of setting your grinder and machine doses so the correct brew ratio can be achieved. 40g of espresso should be poured using 18g of espresso, this type of control is important in order for the espresso to be balanced in taste, the right amount of acidity, sweetness and body is noticeable using a brew ratio. For more information on dialling in espresso click here.
  1. Keep things consistent – the only way to perfect your espresso making skills is by keeping to a consistent set up. Make sure the grinder is set to do the same coarseness as before and you dose the same amount. Another great tip is to heat all the elements of the machine up as well. A cold group handle will reduce the temperature of the water and cause under extraction (making espresso taste sour!).

What coffee is best for espresso brewing?


Our Peninsula blend is full of fruity, rich flavours making it ideal for espresso brewing. It carries Ethiopian blueberry tones combined the rich cocoa tones of Guatemala. This blend is also a 2 gold star great taste awards winner.


Our Velvet blend is both sweet and strong combining the vanilla aromas of Brazilian coffee with the smoky undertone of Indonesian beans. This blend is also a 2 gold star great taste awards winner.